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About Augmented Reality (AR)!

AR allows you to add virtual elements to real life.

With this technology you can add on top of a real element animations, videos, texts, sounds, etc, allowing the user interactivity and objects manipulation.

How does it work?

AR is displayed on a screen (tablet or mobile phone) that, thru the camera, reads the object or environment adding to it any virtual objects.

Special glasses can be used instead of the camera.



Some Examples

of AR use:


Contents presentation in an interactive way with animations, sounds, videos, etc., allowing visualization of concepts and objects and their manipulation.


Create stories in 3D, interactive, animated, improving the traditional reading experience.

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Create simulators and “virtual objects” eliminating aspects such as: displacement, limitations of space and movement of the object, ethical issues, risk, etc.

Product Presentation

By creating 3D products, they can be “transported” to the customer, overcoming transport and other limitations – for example, presenting a large machine or product catalogue.

Simulating Spaces

Helping on deciding the future look of a space. Understand how furniture will look in a room in any different place you decide to test at this moment, or what different materials will look like.


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