New game with Augmented Reality (AR)

AR Portal it’s a simple game that helps understanding AR concept

O Ar Portal shows:

– Immersion” concept;

– Virtual over real life overlap;

Right where you are physical located create a portal (please go to an open space without obstacles) and enter the game. Look for the white cat but avoid other animals! You move in your space but it looks like you are in a zoo.


– Search for “AR Portal” on App or Google Play Stores and download it;

– Direct the camera to physical space and see the creation of the PORTAL;

– Using the door enter the portal and look for the white cat. Avoid other animals in the way!

Examples how the portal can be adapted to your business:

– Environments and games to frame stories and explanations in books or real life;

– Products and concepts presented immersive.

– Scenrios presented in immersive environment.

– Real Life simulation.